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An experimental peer-to-peer client using the Honey Badger Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus algorithm.


Running a test peer

  1. git clone https://github.com/c0gent/hydrabadger
  2. cd hydrabadger
  3. ./peer0

Additional peers

  1. Open a new terminal window.

  2. cd {...}/hydrabadger

  3. ./peer1

  4. (Repeat 1 and 2), ./peer2, ./peer3, ./peer4

Each peer will generate a number of random transactions at regular intervals, process them accordingly, and output complete batches.

Type cargo run [--release] -- --help (or target/peer_node --help if already built) for command line options (more coming soon!).

Current State

Network initialization (with 5 nodes only), transaction generation, consensus, and batch outputs are all generally working. Batch outputs for each epoch are printed to the log.

Overall the client is fragile and doesn't handle deviation from simple usage very well yet.


  • Command-Line/Config Options: Variable and/or random (within a range) batch size, transaction size (bytes), transaction generation count, transaction generation interval, minimum peer count, much more.
  • Observer Nodes: still in a state of flux (not working at the time of writing).
  • Additional Nodes: Only the first 5 nodes are properly handled (as validators). Variable and dynamic nodes are coming soon.
  • Many edge cases and exceptions: disconnects, reconnects, etc.
    • If too many nodes disconnect, the consensus process halts for all nodes (as expected). No means of reconnection or node removal is yet in place.
  • Much, much more...

Other Issues

  • InvalidAckMessage returned from SyncKeyGen::handle_ack seems to cause Node {..} received multiple Readys from {..} messages which may be causing occasional halting. Causes unclear.
  • BatchDeserializationFailed errors are common and appear to halt consensus. New issue creation pending investigation.