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Venkat-corebts 705386e031
[#948] Updated Settings screen UI
* [#948] Updated Settings screen UI

* [#948] Crash fix on settings screen

* Center button UI components text

So the text aligns with the center when the button is displayed on a very small device or, e.g., when the system accessibility text size increase feature is used.

* Keep button spacing

When rotated to landscape, the weighted spacing disappears. But we ideally want buttons to have all the same spacing around them in this scenario.

* Kotlin code style

* Move previous settings option to overflow

- As the new design prescribes no debug/test options in the settings screen, we moved these useful actions into the only troubleshooting menu in the app bar.
- Tests added

* Add UI tests

* Text in all caps in the components

Rather than enforcing all caps in translations.


Co-authored-by: Honza <>
2023-09-28 14:17:21 +02:00
Honza Rychnovský a71ea7577d
[#873] Detekt enhance
* [#873] Detekt - consider MaxLineLength rule on

* [#882] Detekt Compose 0.1.10

* [#872] Detekt 1.23.0
2023-06-19 08:59:00 +02:00
Carter Jernigan 8e17d07ced
[#762] Simplified seed backup UX
Because we’re making UI text changes, I’ve forked our views into “long” and “short” versions that preserve the previous experience while allowing the shorter experience to be different.

One limitation of the current approach is that the screenshot tests are limited to the current configuration, so there is some risk of ‘bit rot’ with the screenshot tests for the longer onboarding.  For this PR, I manually switched the feature flags and re-ran the screenshot tests to make sure they still worked.


Co-authored-by: Honza <>
2023-03-03 08:06:03 -05:00
Carter Jernigan 417fc4b8a5 [#764] Android Remote Config implementation
Note that there is no cloud integration yet. This creates the abstractions to support injecting different remote config sources
2023-02-21 12:50:31 -05:00
Carter Jernigan f5e0af6545
[#757] Adopt SDK 1.14.0 (#759) 2023-02-17 06:05:23 -05:00
Honza Rychnovsky 2b899a7200
[#682] Testing Documentation Update
* [#682] Testing documentation update

* Bump benchmark dep to 1.2.0-alpha8

* Simplify ui-benchmark-test module build types

* Add referential benchmark test results

* Code clean
2022-12-22 15:42:52 +01:00
Carter Jernigan 4f7c10f4b5
[#634] Stop synchronizer when leaving app
* [#634] Collect flows with lifecycle awareness

* [#686] Adopt SDK 1.11.0
2022-12-22 09:38:02 +01:00
Alex 9150f80b9d
implementation of push and hold to send zec (#641)
* [#249] Implement Press-And-Hold To Confirm Sending ZEC

* Remove default value for interaction source

* Rename interaction source argument

* removed dependency of ui-design-lib on sdkExtLib

Co-authored-by: Carter Jernigan <>
2022-12-02 10:54:06 +01:00
Honza Rychnovsky bcacf93a04
[#599] Macrobenchmark test module
* Temporary enable FTL test

* Enable emulator.wft tests for ui-integration-test module on CI

* Rebase onto main

* Test Fladle configuration for ui-integration-test module

* Fix Fladle for ui-integration-test module

* Rename ui-integration-test module flade configuration

* Disable again FTL action from PRs

* Clear support for FTL from ui-integration-test module

* Refactor the support across our modules.

* [#599] Macrobenchmark test module

- Created new dedicated macrobenchmark test module
- Updated related Architecture and Setup documentation
- Connected to app module
- New benchmark build type
- Related run configuration above custom Gradle task
- Basic startup benchmark test included

* Benchmark build variant simplification

* Run benchmarking simplification

* Documentation update.


- It enables signing the release build with debug key configuration. Default value is false.
- First, we check if we can sign it with release configs, otherwise with debug.
- Documentation updated.

* Benchmarking documentation update

* Adds support for Android SDK 32 and 33

- Bumped benchmark library to the latest alpha version
- Which results in a need of adding profile-installer library in target module (app)
- Now we're able to run benchmarking on Android SDK level 29 and higher (i.e. latest levels included)
- Updated related documentation

* Enables benchmarking for emulators

- I've decided to support emulator devices with our benchmark test module at the end. Documentation and code comments explain to a user that the results may not be the same as on a real physical device. But until we have it set up in CI, we can benefit from having it set up like this.
2022-10-27 12:51:24 +02:00
Honza Rychnovsky 4eddf4e74b
[#598] Refactoring ScreenshotTest to a separate test module
* Temporary enable FTL test

* Enable emulator.wft tests for ui-integration-test module on CI

* Test Fladle configuration for ui-integration-test module

* Fix Fladle for ui-integration-test module

* Rename ui-integration-test module flade configuration

* Disable again FTL action from PRs

* Clear support for FTL from ui-integration-test module

* Refactor the support across our modules.

* [#598] Refactoring ScreenshotTest to a separate test module

- Created a new module
- Moved our ScreenShotTest to the separate module
- Enabled the new module for service
- Cleaned up the app module from ScreenShotTest
- Updated Architecture and Setup documentation

* Exclude pure test modules from Detekt check

* Improved run configurations

- Changed common run configuration name to align with the rest of our configurations
- Added configuration for the new screenshot tests module
- Updated documentation

* Linked code TODO

* Disabled self-instrumenting

- As it appeared to be the way how to leverage the app module Gradle settings in this new module
- App name is taken from app module settings
- Screenshot tests works with pseudolocales again
2022-10-18 15:08:36 +02:00
Honza Rychnovsky bffa5870b6
[#525] Refactoring Integration Test Module
* [#525] Refactoring Integration Test Module

- Change module type to test + related Gradle scripts change
- Rename module to - remove the trailing Lib suffix + documentation
- Move module structure from test to main source

* Static checks result fix

* Temporary enable FTL test

* Test updated emulator.wft version

* Update locked dependency version

* Enable emulator.wft tests for ui-integration-test module on CI

* Fix enable emulator.wft tests for ui-integration-test module on CI

- Update documentation

* Test Fladle configuration for ui-integration-test module

* Fix Fladle for ui-integration-test module

* Rename ui-integration-test module flade configuration

* Disable again FTL action from PRs

* Clear support for FTL from ui-integration-test module

* Refactor the support across our modules.

* Fix Mermaid graph syntax

* Minor change in comment

* Fix ui-integration-test module run configuration

- Fixed manually
- Aligned with other run configurations
- Stable and beta versions of AS behave differentially, but after this fix it seems to be working as expected in both

* Update run configuration

- Covered ui-integration-test module too
- Changed configuration name
2022-10-14 14:17:15 +02:00
Honza Rychnovsky 1b75ab4fd6
[#552] Compose dependencies update (#589)
* [#552] Compose 1.2.1
* [#553] Accompanist 0.25.0
* Material3 dependency update
* Compose Compiler dependency update
* Compose Navigation dependency update
* Fix camera permission multiple displaying
* Added missing TODO description comments
* Improved Scan screen manual test guide
* Bump dependencies again
Co-authored-by: Carter Jernigan <>
2022-09-22 15:55:34 +02:00
Carter Jernigan 1880b2a43f
[#200][#285] Use Espresso screenshot API
- Also reduced liklihood of timeouts on Firebase test lab for robo tests
 - Fix emulatorwtf run configuration
 - Fix screenshots on older API levels
 - Fix minumum range for
2022-06-02 11:09:02 -04:00
Carter Jernigan 9267e75cb8
[#303] Write crash logs on external storage (#429)
- Added automatic exception logging, registered in the Application object
 - The design sends the exception to a second process, as the main process could be in a bad state when crashing. If we ever encounter problems with this design, it is easily toggleable to turn off with a boolean resource
 - Reading the process name is a bit complex on older Android versions, so we leverage a ContentProvider (which runs prior to Application.onCreate()) to get the process name
 - Added a simple logging mechanism for multiprocess and multithread log messages
 - Refactored spackle-lib into spackle-lib (multiplatform) and spackle-android-lib

Co-authored-by: Honza <>
2022-05-31 12:38:02 -04:00
Carter Jernigan 94d259d5b0
[#190] Pull screenshots on CI 2022-05-24 09:39:56 -04:00
Honza Rychnovsky 4e5e5c4ab7
[#223] fromZecString reject bad input.
- Implementing regex solution for validation of input ZecAmount after confirm button is pressed.
- Added also unit tests for this new feature.
- Move necessary components from sdk-ext-lib to sdk-ext-ui module.
- Align implementation with comments form PR.
- Fix name of run configuration.
- Ensure consistent behavior of tests.
2022-04-08 14:33:08 +02:00
Honza Rychnovsky db13435d52
[#218] Prevent illegal number on ZEC amount
- Prevent illegal input in ZEC Send/Request form.
- New SDL-EXT-UI module for UI related SDK helper components.
- Regex for continuous validation of the entered ZEC amount.
- Added a new unit tests for validation of the regex too.
- Using the regex on ZEC Request and ZEC Send screens.
- Updated existing and created a new UI tests for validating entered ZEC amount values on Request and Send screens.
- Improve code to be validated with DetektAll static analyzation.
- Architecture documentation update with the newly added sdk-ext-ui module.
- Added run configuration sdk-ext-lib:connectedCheck for AS.
- Added check for digits count between grouping separators + tests.
- Refactoring test class name and its separator value.
2022-04-01 16:28:16 +02:00
Carter Jernigan f01c855ead [#225] Refactor design to separate module
This moves the theme and common UI elements to a separate Gradle module.

This is a first step towards creating our own custom design system, as it would eventually allow hiding of Material Design from the rest of the app UI.

As part of this change, a new common utility module was created so that both the ui and ui-design modules can depend on it.
2022-02-23 15:49:03 -05:00
Carter Jernigan 24cd0e2b25 Update project setup instructions 2021-12-11 07:08:12 -05:00
Carter Jernigan ec983f1f8f [#28] Initial SDK integration
This sets up the infrastructure needed to continue implementing the onboarding UI for create and import of wallets.  By fleshing out the global state management in the app now, we can better manage asynchronous IO to avoid blocking the UI.

This adds:

 - Load and persistence a wallet in encrypted preferences
     - The stored data is written as a single JSON object, as opposed to multiple entries, to ensure atomic writes
     - The data is versioned, so that we can change the JSON format readily in the future
 - Detection of application state, e.g. onboarding versus loading the user's wallet
 - Touch points to initialize the SDK
2021-11-12 07:09:43 -05:00
Carter Jernigan fb46fe2867
[#74] Prevent accidental targeting of newer API levels 2021-11-10 10:44:41 -05:00
Carter Jernigan c5f3a44340 [#13] Add initial preference infrastructure
This adds infrastructure to read/write preferences, with both a multiplatform wrapper and an Android-specific implementation.

This implementation is primarily designed to cover the initial needs of implementing the wallet SDK integration for issue #28 for securely storing keys (with encryption) for the user's wallet.
2021-10-19 09:26:03 -04:00
Carter Jernigan e4c2c86598 [#3] Improve consistency between IntelliJ and ktlint
This is a followup fix to the previous change to enable ktlint
2021-10-11 12:38:47 -04:00
Carter Jernigan 403f5d6467 [#15] Add ui-lib module 2021-10-09 10:36:58 -04:00
Carter Jernigan 7520e031c8 [#3] Add ktlint 2021-09-18 07:22:42 -04:00
Carter Jernigan 68a9cc7d27 [#3] Add skeleton Gradle project structure 2021-09-18 07:22:42 -04:00