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[#948] Updated Settings screen UI
* [#948] Updated Settings screen UI

* [#948] Crash fix on settings screen

* Center button UI components text

So the text aligns with the center when the button is displayed on a very small device or, e.g., when the system accessibility text size increase feature is used.

* Keep button spacing

When rotated to landscape, the weighted spacing disappears. But we ideally want buttons to have all the same spacing around them in this scenario.

* Kotlin code style

* Move previous settings option to overflow

- As the new design prescribes no debug/test options in the settings screen, we moved these useful actions into the only troubleshooting menu in the app bar.
- Tests added

* Add UI tests

* Text in all caps in the components

Rather than enforcing all caps in translations.


Co-authored-by: Honza <>
2023-09-28 14:17:21 +02:00
Project.xml [#948] Updated Settings screen UI 2023-09-28 14:17:21 +02:00
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