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Security Disclaimer

WARNING: This is an early preview under active development and anything may change at anytime!

In the spirit of transparency, we provide this as a window into what we are actively developing. This is an alpha build, not yet intended for 3rd party use. Please be advised of the following:

  • 🛑 This code currently is not audited 🛑
  • This is a public, active branch with no support
  • The code does not have documentation that is reviewed and approved by our Documentation team
  • The code does not have adequate unit tests, acceptance tests and stress tests
  • The code does not have automated tests that use the officially supported CI system
  • The code has not been subjected to thorough review by engineers at the Electric Coin Company
  • This product does not run compatibly with the latest version of zcashd
  • The product may be majorly broken in several ways
  • The app only runs on testnet
  • The app does not run on mainnet and cannot run on regtest
  • We are actively changing the codebase and adding features where/when needed
  • We do not undertake appropriate security coverage (threat models, review, response, etc.)
  • There is a product manager for this app
  • Electric Coin Company maintains the app as we discover bugs and do network upgrades/minor releases
  • Users can expect to get a response within a few weeks after submitting an issue
  • The User Support team had not yet been briefed on the features provided to users and the functionality of the associated test-framework
  • The code is unpolished
  • The code is not documented
  • The code is not yet published (to Bintray/Maven Central)
  • Requires external lightwalletd server

🛑 Use of this code may lead to a loss of funds 🛑

Use of this code in its current form or with modifications may lead to loss of funds, loss of "expected" privacy, or denial of service for a large portion of users, or a bug which could leverage any of those kinds of attacks (especially a "0 day" where we suspect few people know about the vulnerability).

👀 At this time, this is for preview purposes only. 👀

Zcash Android Reference Wallet - Proof of Concept

Build Status Download to device

Proof of concept for shielded-only Zcash wallet. Additional documentation will be added in a future milestone.

Zcash Reference Wallet Demo