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This folder has been archived, and will no longer be maintained or updated. The Zcash Foundation may reinstate Working Groups at some point in the future, in which case they'll be organized within our new canonical GitHub repo.

Archival date: 1/17/2019

Working Groups are a lightweight structure for organizing groups of volunteers around projects or tasks. The Zcash Foundation is adopting a "Working Group Recognition" policy to foster and support such groups. Working groups recognized by the Foundation will be included in our website and will be included in periodic public updates about the Foundation's progress.

Minimum Requirements for a Working Group

Each working group needs a document (text or markdown file) with the following:

  • A coordinator. The coordinators contact information should be included so potential volunteers can see a place to join up.
  • A short mission statement describing the goals and purpose of the working group.
  • Pointers to a public communication platform, such as a mailing-list, a forum, or a channel on chat.zcashcommunity.com.

The coordinator is expected to give monthly updates on the working group's progress. Working groups are expected to uphold the Foundation VALUES.

Recognition Process

Working groups are intended to be community-driven, independent, and led by volunteers, rather than organized top-down. As such, the idea is that although the Foundation will officially "recognize" Working Groups, the Working Groups should be able to exist independently of the Foundation too. For example, a working group can exist before being recognized by the Foundation, a working group could be simultaneously recognized by some other organization as well (e.g., a WC3 working group), and a working group could continue to exist even if the Zcash Foundation withdraws recognition. To propose a working group for recognition by Zcash Foundation, create a draft file explaining the above, and either create an issue or a pull request to this repo.

The authority to recognize working groups rests with the Zcash Foundation board, who have also authorized the President to approve a working group directly.

Current Status

The Zcash Foundation Working Groups are currently dormant, and we are re-evaluating this process and how we organize them in the future.