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Lite RPC For Solana Blockchain

Submitting a transaction to be executed on the solana blockchain, requires the client to identify the next few leaders based on the leader schedule, look up their peering information in gossip and connect to them via the quic protocol. In order to simplify the process so it can be triggered from a web browser, most applications run full validators that forward the transactions according to the protocol on behalf of the web browser. Running full solana validators is incredibly resource intensive (>256GB RAM), the goal of this project would be to create a specialized micro-service that allows to deploy this logic quickly and allows horizontal scalability with commodity vms.

Confirmation strategies

  1. Subscribe to new blocks using blockSubscribe
  2. Subscribing to signatures with pool of rpc servers. (Under development)
  3. Listening to gossip protocol. (Future roadmap)


make sure solana-validator is running in the background with --rpc-pubsub-enable-block-subscription

run using

$ cargo run --release

to know about command line options

$ cargo run --release -- --help

Test and Bench

Make sure both solana-validator and lite-rpc is running


$ cargo test


$ cd bench and cargo run --release

Find a new file named metrics.csv in the project root.

Metrics and Postgres

LiteRpc implements a postgres service that can write to a postgres database tables as defined in ./migrations

env variables

env purpose
CA_PEM_B64 Base64 encoded ca.pem
CLIENT_PKS_B64 Base64 encoded client.pks
CLIENT_PKS_PASS Password to client.pks
PG_CONFIG Postgres Connection Config

Copyright (c) 2022 Blockworks Foundation

Licensed under the MIT LICENSE