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Entries are listed in reverse chronological order.


  • Update the reddsa dependency to version 0.5.0.


  • Refactor to use reddsa (which is a generalization of this crate).
  • Remove FROST code. Use The reddsa crate directly if you need it.


  • Remove unneeded digest dependency


  • Upgrade jubjub to 0.9, blake2b_simd to 1

  • Fixed a bug where small-order verification keys (including the identity) were handled inconsistently: the VerificationKey parsing logic rejected them, but the identity VerificationKey could be produced from the zero SigningKey. The behaviour is now to consistently accept all small-order verification keys, matching the RedDSA specification.

    • Downstream users who currently rely on the inconsistent behaviour (for e.g. consensus compatibility, either explicitly wanting to reject small-order verification keys, or on the belief that this crate implemented the RedDSA specification) should continue to use previous versions of this crate, until they can either move the checks into their own code, or migrate their consensus rules to match the RedDSA specification.


  • Upgrade rand to 0.8, rand_core to 0.6, and rand_chacha to 0.3, together (#55)
  • Migrate to jubjub 0.6 (#59)
  • Derive Debug, PartialEq (#67)
  • Restrict the maximum number of FROST participants to 255 by using u8 (#66)


  • Initial support for FROST (Flexible Round-Optimized Schnorr Threshold) signatures.


  • Make batch::Item: Clone + Debug and add batch::Item::verify_single for fallback verification when batch verification fails.


  • Update Cargo.toml metadata.


  • Change terminology to "signing key" and "verification key" from "secret key" and "public key".
  • Adds a batch verification implementation which can process both binding and spend authorization signatures in the same batch.


  • Explicitly document the consensus checks performed by impl TryFrom<PublicKeyBytes<T>> for PublicKey<T>.
  • Add a test that small-order public keys are rejected.
  • Add html_root_url to ensure cross-rendering docs works correctly (thanks @QuietMisdreavus).


  • Initial release.