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The directories contained within have all the materials you shall need to 
develop code for your OBD0 VTEC ECU.


src/         - Contains actual ECU assembly code.

src/stock    - Contains disassemblies of stock PR3 and PW0 ROMS.

src/features - Contains stock ROMS with some extra feature added to the code
               such as datalogging, boost, etc. If you want to develop a new
               feature, put your code here.
doc/         - Contains files that will help you learn about how the processor
               works and about the code in general. See the README in doc/ for
               more info.

bin/         - Contains the assembler and disassembler.

extra/       - Contains extra things you may want to use for ECU dev such as
               textpad syntax hilighting.


OBD0 VTEC ECUs use the 66301 processor. This is a very obscure 66k variant
and there is virtually no information about it. Fortunately, it is similar
to OBD1's 66201 processor which does have a decent amount of info available