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Jack Grigg 3219fbced6 zcash_primitives: Move tx builder progress type into `sapling::builder`
Part of zcash/librustzcash#1044.
2023-12-08 15:09:49 +00:00
.github Merge pull request #1003 from nuttycom/wallet/reusable_input_selection 2023-11-08 20:20:03 +00:00
components Move `zcash_note_encryption` component to https://github.com/zcash/zcash_note_encryption 2023-11-17 20:39:14 -07:00
librustzcash Remove librustzcash crate 2020-03-14 10:50:04 +13:00
zcash_client_backend zcash_primitives: Remove and relocate `InputView` traits. 2023-12-06 20:17:43 -07:00
zcash_client_sqlite Fix clippy lint 2023-12-06 18:19:15 +00:00
zcash_extensions zcash_primitives: Add Network Upgrade 6 to `consensus::NetworkUpgrade` (#1048) 2023-12-04 14:41:41 +00:00
zcash_history Move common package and dependency configs into workspace config 2023-09-26 22:01:32 +00:00
zcash_primitives zcash_primitives: Move tx builder progress type into `sapling::builder` 2023-12-08 15:09:49 +00:00
zcash_proofs zcash_primitives: Move Sapling bundle types into `sapling` module 2023-11-09 04:04:07 +00:00
.gitattributes Add a protobuf representation for transaction proposals. 2023-11-09 20:02:36 -07:00
.gitignore Add `Cargo.lock` to repository 2023-09-11 22:12:52 +00:00
.gitlab-ci.yml Remove duplicate test stage for rust lastest 2018-10-09 09:34:10 -07:00
COPYING.md Ensure that GitHub's "View license" link points to complete license information. 2022-01-18 14:19:53 +00:00
Cargo.lock zcash_primitives: Switch to type-safe `PRF^expand` 2023-12-07 17:09:44 +00:00
Cargo.toml zcash_primitives: Switch to type-safe `PRF^expand` 2023-12-07 17:09:44 +00:00
LICENSE-APACHE Add license files. 2017-03-17 11:09:05 -06:00
LICENSE-MIT Update copyright year in LICENSE-MIT. 2022-01-18 14:19:53 +00:00
README.md Address feedback about the use of "permissive". 2022-06-28 16:46:13 +01:00
rust-toolchain.toml Bump MSRV for `zcash_primitives` and dependents to 1.65 2023-05-16 15:37:07 +00:00


Zcash Rust crates

This repository contains a (work-in-progress) set of Rust crates for working with Zcash.

Security Warnings

These libraries are currently under development and have not been fully-reviewed.


All code in this workspace is licensed under either of

at your option.

Downstream code forks should note that some (but not all) of these crates and components depend on the 'orchard' crate, which is licensed under the Bootstrap Open Source License. A license exception is provided allowing some derived works that are linked or combined with the 'orchard' crate to be copied or distributed under the original licenses (in this case MIT / Apache 2.0), provided that the included portions of the 'orchard' code remain subject to BOSL. See https://github.com/zcash/orchard/blob/main/COPYING for details of which derived works can make use of this exception, and the README.md files in subdirectories for which crates and components this applies to.


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.