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Secant Android Wallet

This is a sample implementation of a Zcash wallet for Android leveraging the Zcash Android SDK. The goal is to exercise the SDK and related Zcash libraries, as well as demonstrate how the SDK works.

While we aim to continue improving this sample, it is not an official product. We open sourced it as a resource to make wallet development easier for the Zcash ecosystem.

Getting Started

If you'd like to compile this application from source, please see our Setup Documentation to get started.

Reporting an issue

If you wish to report a security issue, please follow our Responsible Disclosure guidelines. See the Wallet App Threat Model for more information about the security and privacy limitations of the wallet.

If you'd like to report a technical issue or feature request for the Android Wallet, please file a GitHub issue.

General Zcash questions and/or support requests and are best directed to either:


Contributions are very much welcomed! Please read our Contributing Guidelines to learn about our process.


If you plan to fork the project to create a new app of your own, please make the following changes. (If you're making a GitHub fork to contribute back to the project, these steps are not necessary.)

  1. Change the app name under
  2. Change the package name under app/build.gradle.kts
  3. Change the support email address under
  4. Remove any copyrighted ZCash or Electric Coin Company icons, logos, or assets
    1. ui-lib/src/main/res/common/ - All of the the ic_launcher assets
  5. Optional
    1. Configure secrets and variables for Continuous Integration
    2. Configure Firebase API keys and place them under app/src/debug/google-services.json and app/src/release/google-services.json

Known Issues

  1. Intel-based machines may have trouble building in Android Studio. The workaround is to add the following line to ~/.gradle/ ZCASH_IS_DEPENDENCY_LOCKING_ENABLED=false. See #420 for more information.
  2. During builds, a warning will be printed that says "Unable to detect AGP versions for included builds. All projects in the build should use the same AGP version." This can be safely ignored. The version under build-conventions is the same as the version used elsewhere in the application.
  3. When the code coverage Gradle property IS_ANDROID_INSTRUMENTATION_TEST_COVERAGE_ENABLED is enabled, the debug app APK cannot be run. The coverage flag should therefore only be set when running automated tests.
  4. Test coverage for Compose code will be low, due to known limitations in the interaction between Compose and Jacoco.
  5. Adding the espresso-contrib dependency will cause builds to fail, due to conflicting classes. This is a known issue with the Zcash Android SDK.
  6. Android Studio will warn about the Gradle checksum. This is a known issue and can be safely ignored.
  7. #96 - Release builds print some R8 warnings which can be safely ignored.
  8. During app first launch, the following exception starting with AndroidKeysetManager: keyset not found, will generate a new one is printed twice. This exception is not an error, and the code is not being invoked twice.